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The Surveyors Historical Society is an international organization dedicated to exploring, preserving and teaching the accomplishments of surveyors. The annual SHS RENDEZVOUS has grown to become a premier national surveyor's event in the United States. Each one is educational, affordable and fun. SHS membership is not required, everyone is welcome!
Every profession is founded on history, because all disciplines grow from early pioneering discoveries. The foundations of surveying, mathematics, science, law, and astronomy were developed long ago. Civilizations and nations were shaped by knowledge from land surveyors. No land was sold, no towns platted, no railroads, canals, irrigation channels or roads constructed or mines developed without land surveyors.
Every Rendezvous is devoted to some part of this story.
The 2017 Rendezvous will be held in and around Concord, Massachusetts and will focus on the surveying career of Henry David Thoreau. 2017 is the bicentennial of Thoreau’s birth and Concord will host a variety of events throughout the year. Surveyors Historical Society is pleased to have the opportunity to be a part of this celebration and showcase another famous surveyor.
Most people know Thoreau as the man who lived alone in a cabin at Walden Pond for a couple of years, then wrote a book about it but Thoreau also had a substantial career as a land surveyor in and around Concord, Massachusetts. We’ll hear about that career from Patrick Chura, author of the book, Thoreau the Land Surveyor and we’ll learn whether Thoreau can be retraced today.
We’ll also hear about the surveying of the Hoosac Tunnel in western Massachusetts, the Massachusetts - Rhode Island Boundary Survey and the Massachusetts Land Court. We’ll visit the Concord Free Public Library where participants will be able to view Thoreau’s plats and his surveyor’s compass. We’ll travel to Minuteman Park and the Old North Bridge, scene of the “shot heard round the world.” We’ll visit Walden Pond where Henry David Thoreau himself will be waiting to greet us. We’ll dedicate a Final Point marker at Thoreau’s grave in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and we’ll hold our annual picnic at the Concord Rod and Gun Club.
Lodging, classroom sessions and the annual banquet will be held at the Boxboro Regency Hotel and Conference Center at Boxborough, Massachusetts just off the I-495 outer beltway around the Greater Boston area. The Boxboro Regency Hotel is about 35 miles west of Logan International airport.