by Johnny Ingram
A as in Angle and Azimuth too, both are important and are usually true;
but then, so is Astronomic and Adjoiner too.
B as in Backsight and Bearing, names we all know;
like Brush, Bugs and Bites - together they go
C as in Compass and Chain, over the hill we go;
Calculate the Closure, fun? - to this, the party Chief says no.
D as in Deeds and Distance, hand in hand they define;
apply Dignity of call - let the Draftsman refine.
E as in Engineers and Easements, important names - I guess;
then came the EDM, it reduced labor - now that's real success.
F as in Foresight and Field notes are usually used to guide;
whereas Field crew & Fire ants - sometimes they hide!
G as in Ground shots & the Gunters chain, a term we use no more;
now GPS, Geodetic and GIS - are the names in our store.
H as in Hammer & stake, together - they'll always be;
as necessary to a surveyor - as leaves to a tree.
I as in Instruments, important they are;
they aid us in alignment and guide like a star.
J as in the Jacob staff, more equipment from old;
Judicial decisions, must guide - at least, that's what we're told.
K as in Keuffel & Esser, a supplier of the past;
another distance, the Kilometer - will this one last?
L as in Links of old and Laser Levels new;
Lietz then changed their name - but Lawyers still sue.
M as in Metes & bounds, will this term remain?
But, Machete and Measure - are always the same.
N as in Numeric, which means a Number, at least that part is true;
the same as the Meter - the units just new.
O as in "OUT", a term uncommon now;
Owners will forever try - to tell us how.
P as in Polaris and Plumb, terms which still remain;
Pole & Perch, though unused - are still the same.
Q as in Quit claim deed, it doesn't mean much;
but, it's presence will sometimes "QUITE" a title - or at least, help with such.
R as in Route & Right-of-way define, Residue & Riparian do much the same;
while a Rod, a Rock & Rodman, are now just a name.
S as in Semicircumferter and the Sextant too, are instruments of old;
then so are Satellite & Sun Shot - at least that's what we're told.
T as in Transit, Theodolite & Tripod, more equipment from the past;
Topography and Ticks, together, stick - like partners that last.
U as in Underground Utilities, a surveyor must sometimes find;
even when you cannot see them - they're still on your mind.
V as in the Spanish Vara, defined as a Texas length;
Vegetation, on the other hand - is measured by it's strength.
W as in Warranty deed, a common legal name;
a paper showing ownership and title to the same.
X as in "X" out, mistakes made in your notes, do not erase;
changes will come back to haunt you, protect - just in case.
Y is for "Yes", the answer, to most questions you receive;
"no", is the best - when, you cannot believe.
Z as in Zeiss, an equipment maker of old, Zenith is the angle in a vertical line;
and is usually preceded - by a plus or minus sign.
now that you're in a Surveyor's rush; let's go out and cut us some brush!

More Wisdom
from Johnny Ingram
©Copyright 2011