Introduction - Papers of Admiral Richard E. Byrd
The following are notes from Laura Kissel, Polar Curator, the Ohio State University Byrd Polar Research Center, concerning the scans of original materials from the papers of Admiral Richard E. Byrd, sent to SHS editor Mary M. Root.
Please note, the folder heading for file 4833 is Navigation Notes. There are many more documents in the file that are just pages of calculations. If you are interested in more of that kind of thing, let me know. Also, some of the documents in this file are in pretty rough shape, with pieces torn off, etc. You will see that in the scans. I note that there is a lot of documentation about the airplane navigation and tools and methods. Lots of what I was finding in the collection relates to that, rather than the work on the ground. So some of that may be intermingled in what I have sent to you."
Ms. Kissel sent items from Folders 4445, 4467, 4626, 4833, and 5350. There are pages of calculations, navigation sheets, letters and notes. Here is the breakdown:
Folder 4445 has communications regarding the Bumstead sun compass.
Folder 4447 has letters from the Star Compass Company and the Taylor Instrument Companies.
Folder 4626 contains a list of navigation instruments.
Folder 4833 has two pages of Gould's watch calibration notes, followed by a trail report, a page of depot cache notes, a sheet titled "Declinations," a two-page letter from G. W. Littlehales of the U. S. Navy's Hydrographic Office, a "Table for Use with Stereographic Polar Chart for Determining Radii of Position Line Curves," two pages of calculations, a note on using the sun compass, two Hour Angle charts, three pages of "Navigator's Slide Rule" instructions, and a two- page letter from Larry Gould to Richard Byrd on "The Value of an Aerial Survey on the Polar Flight."

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