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Abraham Lincoln    The Boy The Man
8.5" x 11", hardback, 160 pp. By Lloyd Ostendorf. Special 200th Birthday Edition. Feb. 12, 2009. Originally published 1962. Contains 133 Ostendorf illustrations, 101 rare Lincoln photos
Nonmember Price: $35   Member Price: $30

Catalog Of The Charles E. Smart Collection Of Antique Surveying Instruments
Includes biographies of early American survey instrument makers by William H. Skerritt (SHS member #651), 8.5" x 11" paperback, 200 pp.
Nonmember Price: $40   Member Price: $32

They Left Their Mark
A biography of William Austin Burt, 8.5" x 11", hardback, 188 pp. Autographed by author John S. Burt (SHS member #81).
Nonmember Price: $50   Member Price: $50

Surveying the Land, Vol. 1: Distance Measuring Tools & Their Accuracy, 1620-1920
By Milton Denny, PLS, 9"x 11" hardback, 200 pages. Denny writes about units of length, manufacturing link chains, the steel band tapes, way weisers, measuring frames, chaining pins, plumb bobs, etc. Highly illustrated.
Nonmember Price: $50   Member Price: $40

The Story of Georgia's Boundaries: A Meeting of History and Geography
William J. Morton, M.D., J.D. 6"x9" paperback, 198 pages. Georgia's boundaries reflect centuries of wars and treaties, political maneuvering and litigation, and human errors. SHS copies autographed by author.
Nonmember Price: $20   Member Price: $18
The following two items are facsimile reprints of books which were formerly out-of-print. In 1978 the late Carlisle Madson from Hopkins, Minnesota and Dr. R. Ben Buckner reprinted them into a convenient paperback series.

A Treatise On The Method Of Government Surveying
by Sbobal V. Clevenger, is a 5.25" x 8" paperback, 200 pages written in 1874 pretty well summarizes the surveying procedural operation technique learned since the 1785 land ordinance. A must for the boundary surveyor.
Nonmember Price: $12   Member Price: $8

A Key To The Solar Compass And Surveyors Companion
by William A. Burt, is a 5.25" x 8" paperback of 120 pages written in 1881, talks about diurnal variation ofthe needle, zenith distance and altitude, parallax and refraction, etc. It even has a table to convert French barometer readings to English units (millimeter to inches).
Nonmember Price: $12   Member Price: $8
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